Department of Walking Tour: Where Does All the Money Go?
November 22, 2017; St. Louis, Missouri

Images of a Just City: 16MM Film Screening
September 2017 / Inside of raumlaborberlin’s Spacebuster; St. Louis, MO USA

Decoding the City: Spatial Stories in St. Louis’ Mill Creek Valley

Department of Walking Tour: Emptiness is Form
May 7, 2017 / St. Louis, Missouri

Mayoral Close Ups
Spring 2017 / The Royale / St. Louis, MO USA

Urbanist in Residence
Fall 2016 / Pulitzer Arts Foundation / St. Louis, MO USA

Put A Fork in the NGA
April 2016 / St. Louis Place; St. Louis, MO USA

February 2016 / St. Louis, MO USA

Building As Body: Architectural Yoga
2015-2016 / Various Locations

Commonfield Clay (workshop led by Chris Kallmyer)
August 2015 / Pulitzer Arts Foundation; St. Louis, MO USA

FLOAT: Tactical Walking Camp (with Moira Williams)
August 2015 / The Luminary; St. Louis, MO USA

Valentines for Vacants
2015 / Gravois Park Neighborhood; St. Louis, MO USA

30 Days of Demolition
2014 / Pulitzer Arts Foundation; St. Louis, MO USA

That Summer Fields Grew High
August 2013 / Preservation Research Office; St. Louis, MO USA

Under a Strawberry Moon
June 2013 / Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis Open Studios; St. Louis, MO USA

Jersey Farm
2012-2013 / Apartment Gallery; St. Louis, MO USA

Open/Closed: Exploring Vacant Property in St. Louis
2012 / St. Louis, Missouri USA

Pruitt Igoe Now: The Unmentioned Modern Landscape
2011-2012 / International Ideas Competition

St. Louis Mythory Tour (with Emily Hemeyer)
2011 / St. Louis, MO USA

Academic Film Archive of America / cine16
2005-2007 / Screenings of vintage 16mm films across St. Louis, MO USA