February 2015
Gravois Park Neighborhood / St. Louis, MO USA
With Carlie Trosclair, Jason Deem, Robin Harvey, Janel, Chanel & Chucky

The house at 3712 Nebraska Avenue. Carlie Trosclair photograph.

Objective 1: St. Louis participation in the national Preservation Heart Bombs campaign.

Objective 2: Guerrilla marketing for the vacant historic houses in the Gravois Park neighborhood owned by the city’s Land Reutilization Authority.

The house at 2819 Winnebago Avenue. Carlie Trosclair photograph.

Method: Allen and Harvey assembled map of vacant landbank-owned properties in Gravois Park, and select 28 targets. Trosclair and Allen develop “candy heart” theme. Trosclair designs hearts. Deem, Trosclair and crew make hearts. All install.

The crew in action. Michael Allen photograph.

Result: “Candy hearts” marking 28 inhabitation opportunities by Valentine’s Day 2015.